LAGOS Launches First US Data Modules and Twitter Campaign!

New and exciting things are happening for the LAGOS (Spanish for lakes) team. After years of hard work, their first core and extension data modules of LAGOS-US have been published. Even better, they are open access, providing the opportunity for wide and free use.

The LAGOS-US research platform provides data and tools to study lake water quality at the continental scale. LAGOS-US data modules include the conterminous US, which has 479,950 natural lakes and reservoirs larger than or equal to 1 hectare. This month, the LAGOS-US core  data module LOCUS and the extension data module NETWORKS were released. LOCUS contains locational, identifying, and physical characteristics for these nearly half million lakes and their watersheds. NETWORKS includes 898 lake networks across the US and provides quantitative surface water connectivity metrics for those networks and the 86,511 lakes in those networks. Stay tuned for future data module releases!

Along with the public release of LOCUS and NETWORKS, the LAGOS team is excited to announce the official launch of their first Twitter campaign. The LAGOS-US account can be found using the handle @LAGOS__Lakes (note the double underscores). 

The primary aim of @LAGOS__Lakes is to raise awareness about the availability of LAGOS-US data products and tools for others to use and extend. The LAGOS team hopes to inspire new users to study US lakes at broad scales of space and time. 

Twitter posts via @LAGOS__Lakes will use a weekly #LakesForLunch hashtag, with info about a unique US lake and its lagoslakeid for reference. Be sure to keep an eye out for these posts by following @LAGOS__Lakes and keep up to date with your fellow lake lovers!

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