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Map of the continental-scaled controls of summer CO2 in lakes by JF Lapierre

These maps are from a recent paper by JF Lapierre et al. that compared the factors that control lake CO2 at the continental scale. He found that the spatial patterns in lake pCO2 driver‐response relationships translated into the formation of spatial clusters of pCO2 “regulation” that are shown in map (e) even though there is little apparent regional pattern in pCO2

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The freshwater landscape. By Emi Fergus

Emi Fergus et al. published a recent paper that describes the complex features of the freshwater landscape. These maps are very compelling in that they show that there are very different patterns between freshwater ABUNDANCE versus CONNECTIVITY. FIGURE DESCRIPTION (Figure and text from Fergus et al. 2017): Freshwater abundance and connectivity maps by system type. Freshwater abundance is quantified as

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