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Citizen scientists are important contributors to species distribution data

By Patrick Hanly While citizen scientists are already known to be a vital source of water quality data, they have also been quietly amassing a substantial collection of species records through digital platforms such as the popular iNaturalist. For example, there are 900,000 dragonfly and damselfly records on iNaturalist as of August 2020. Although iNaturalist was created with the goal of

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LAGOS-NE: The people behind the scenes to create an open database

We are thrilled to announce that the LAGOS-NE data paper is published, which means that the underlying data are live: Creating something like LAGOS-NE takes a wide range of contributions, expertise, and types of work. We want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed. This effort could not have happened without the willingness of people to work

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LAGOS Visualization Blog

Welcome to the LAGOS Visualization Blog. Here we will post interesting and fun visualizations of data from LAGOS as well as other posts that we find interesting to share and talk about. In this blog, we focus mostly on data visualizations because it is not easy to fully capture the complexity of macroscale data, which includes a range of environmental characteristics

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