Manuscripts in prep using LAGOS-NE

OVERVIEW: Our goal for this manuscript list is to promote open science while also protecting individual and team intellectual contributions. We want to foster ideals of inclusion and transparency. Therefore, we hope that manuscript leaders (and co-authors) choose to post their project summaries here. This list is meant to include all manuscripts that use LAGOS-NE data/tools, not just those that originated from the CSI Limnology and Continental Limnology research teams that originally built LAGOS-NE. Therefore, we would like to encourage open discussion by having anyone include any manuscript that is LAGOS-NE-related or attributed to LAGOS-NE on this list. We ask that people using LAGOS-NE add information about their manuscripts to the list. To do so, please check whether a similar-sounding manuscript idea is on the list. If it appears that there may be overlap, please contact the manuscript lead(s) to discuss overlap, unique ideas, and possibilities for multiple papers without redundancy.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING A NEW MANUSCRIPT TO THIS LIST: To submit your manuscript idea, please email with all of the requested information so that your manuscript can be added to the list.


List of manuscripts in preparation that use LAGOS-NE (Updated 12/07/17)