The LAGOS research program is a highly collaborative effort that has involved many individuals throughout its history. To date, the 2 main LAGOS database platforms (LAGOS-US and LAGOS-NE) have been created by 2 large interdisciplinary research teams funded by 2 different grants from the US National Science Foundation’s Macrosystems Biology Program. Although other funds have contributed personnel, resources, and of course, data to these efforts, these 2 grants and teams are the primary means by which LAGOS products have been built and made available to date.  


The LAGOS research program is co-led by Kendra Spence Cheruvelil and Patricia A. Soranno

Current and Former Members of the LAGOS Teams

Limnology/Ecology/Macrosystems Ecology

Patricia A. Soranno

Kendra Spence Cheruvelil

Ty Wagner 

Noah R. Lottig 

Emily Stanley 

Ian M. McCullough

Patrick J. Hanly 

Jean-Francois Lapierre

Sarah M. Collins

Christopher Filstrup

John Downing

Marcella Domka

Danielle Matuszak

Jessica Diaz

Maggie Haite

Arika Hawkins

Jake Namovich (former)

Zhongyao Liang (former)

Katelyn B.S. King (former)

Jemma Stachelek (former)

Nicholas Skaff (former)

Samantha Oliver (former)

C Emi Fergus (former)

Caren Scott (former)

Craig Stow (former)

Mary Bremigan (former)

Emily Henry (former)

Autumn C. Poisson (former)

Allie Shoffner (former)

Ellie Phillips (former)

Lindsie Egedy (former)

Geographic Information Systems Science/Geography

Nicole J. Smith

Katherine E. Webster 

Lauren Rodriguez (former)

Alex Blair (former)

Claire Boudreau (former)

Scott Stopyak (former)

Ecoinformatics/Database Administration

Corinna Gries 

Arnab Shuvo 

Austin Delany (former)

Ed Bissell (former)

Farzan Masrour (former)

Machine Learning & Statistics

Pang-Ning Tan 

Jiayu Zhou 

Ephraim M. Hanks 

Erin M. Schliep 

Shirley Rojas

Nathan Wikle

Boyang Liu

Meridith Bartley (former)

Sam Polus (former)

Laura Danila (former)

Qi Wang (former)

Qixing Luo (former)

Shuai Yuan (former)