Research Products

The research that has been conducted to create, document, and analyze the LAGOS database in an open-science framework has been highly collaborative and data-intensive. In many cases, methods or standards did not exist for the research activities. Therefore, in addition to producing traditional research articles, we have produced other research products that are described below.

LAGOS Databases and derived data products

We document and provide links for all of our data products that have been described and placed in an online repository.

LAGOS Documentation

Although each of our products are fully documented, we provide additional explanation for finding different parts of the documentation related to LAGOS products.

LAGOS Software and code 

We document and provide links to the wide range of different code, software, or tools related to the creation and analysis of LAGOS.  

Manuscripts in preparation using LAGOS-NE

Here, we describe manuscripts that are in preparation from our research teams AND other teams that are using LAGOS-NE.

LAGOS Publications

Publications from members of our team(s) that created the LAGOS database, or that are associated with the funded projects that have created LAGOS. The publications include topics related to macrosystems ecology, ecology, limnology, landscape limnology and other topics related to data-intensive, open, or team-science.