Research Teams

To date, the LAGOS database system has been created by 2 large interdisciplinary research teams funded by 2 different grants from the US NSF Macrosystems Biology Program. Although other funds have contributed personnel, resources, and of course, data to these efforts, these 2 grants and teams are the primary means by which LAGOS products have been built to date.  Further, we are committed to open science and so we have implemented strategies to share tools and data products now so that any researcher can use LAGOS products for research as is, or to build from them in the future using funding of their own. Click on the logos below to find more information on these projects and their teams.

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Continental Limnology Project

A macrosystems ecology framework for continental-scale prediction and understanding of lakes.  US NSF Macrosystems Biology Program. PA Soranno, KS Cheruvelil, P-N Tan, J Zhou, (Michigan St. Univ.); EH Stanley, C Gries, NR Lottig (Univ. Wisconsin); T Wagner, E Hanks (Penn. St. Univ.); E Schliep (Univ. Missouri). 2016-2021.



CSI Limnology Project

The effect of cross-scale interactions on freshwater ecosystem state across space and time.  US NSF Macrosystems Biology Program.  P.A. Soranno (MSU), K.S. Cheruvelil (MSU), E.H. Stanley (UW), J.A. Downing (ISU), N.R. Lottig (UW), P-N. Tan (MSU). 2011-2016.

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