Quantitative methods in macrosystems ecology

Much of our work falls within the general umbrella of macrosystems ecology. We have worked with many colleagues to help to define this emerging perspective in ecology. Thus, many of our first publications in this area have been to help define how macrosystems ecology differs from other types of ecology, and importantly, where it is similar.


Cross-Scale Interactions between local and regional predictors for the prediction of total phosphorous (a)-(b) and secchi depth (c)-(d). The horizontal axis in each plot denotes local predictors while the vertical axis denotes regional predictors. From Yuan, S., J. Zhou, P.N. Tan, C.E. Fergus, T. Wagner, T., P.A. Soranno. 2017. Multi-Level Multi-Task Learning for Modeling Cross-Scale Interactions in Nested Geospatial Data. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. New Orleans, Louisiana. November 18-21 (2017).



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