Understanding temporal variation in lake nutrients at macroscales

Macrosystems ecology is the study of ecological phenomena (biological, geophysical, human) at regional to continental scales. We conduct research at multiple spatial and temporal scales, including the macroscale, as well as a variety of lake physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.


The estimated effects of driver variables on each of the four components of variation for five response variables. Filled symbols represent effect sizes whose 90% credible intervals (error bars) do not overlap zero. Symbols with very small effect sizes, but that are filled, do not overlap zero and only appear to do so due to the size of the symbol. From Soranno, P.A., T. Wagner, S.M. Collins, J.-F. Lapierre, N.R. Lottig, S.K. Oliver. 2019. Spatial and temporal variation of ecosystem properties at macroscales. Ecology Letters 22(10): 1587-1598. https://doi.org/10.1111/ele.13346



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