LAGOS Database overview

LAGOS is a multi-scaled database system and a set of tools to study lake water quality at macroscales. Within the LAGOS umbrella, we have created and shared: versioned water quality databases, software and code for analysis of geographic and tabular data, procedures and policies for team science, and research publications. This effort began in the United States and includes only U.S. lakes at this time. The goal is to provide the open source tools for others to build versions of LAGOS in any country.

What is included in the LAGOS database? The LAGOS database includes in situ observations of lake water quality in thousands of lakes and the lake ecological context for ALL lakes in a study extent. However, there is not only one LAGOS database, and there are 3 data modules and 1 GIS dataset that make up LAGOS that are all quite different from each other, but are fully integrated (and each is version-controlled).

The high-level overview of the data that are in LAGOS-NE is below:


Figure 2, from Soranno et al. 2017. Gigascience.



LAGOS naming conventions 


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