• Current Research Team

    We are an interdisciplinary research team including individuals from limnology, landscape limnology, machine learning, data mining, statistics, geographic information science, and ecoinformatics. We are currently building the LAGOS-US database. See

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  • Current Activities

    We are building LAGOS-US, a lake multi-scaled geospatial and temporal database for all lakes in the U.S. Because this work was only initiated in November 2016, we are still in

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LAGOS is a multi-scaled database system and a set of tools to study lake water quality at macroscales. Within the LAGOS umbrella, we have created and shared: versioned water quality databases, software and code for analysis of geographic and tabular data, procedures and policies for team science, and research publications. This website provides the background on the creation of LAGOS, the description of the funded projects and research teams that created LAGOS, a summary of the research products, and a description and location of the documentation for users of LAGOS products. For questions about LAGOS, please contact any of the current LAGOS developers.


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