LAGOS (Spanish for lakes) is a research program for the interdisciplinary, continental-scale study of lakes through time. The LAGOS program includes four main components that are highly synergistic and essential to support lake research at these scales: 

     (1) Macrosystems Ecology 

     (2) Team Science & Open Science

     (3) LAGOS Databases

     (4) Research Tools 

The LAGOS research program is highly collaborative and includes scientists and their approaches from multiple disciplines including ecology, landscape limnology, geographic information science, ecoinformatics, machine learning, team science, and statistics. 

LAGOS Vision & Mission

An interdisciplinary and broad-scale understanding of lakes that enables researchers to address environmental grand challenges and inform management, policy, education, and outreach. The way we achieve this vision is through the synergistic use of data-intensive science, team science, and open science and through the creation of open-access research infrastructure.

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